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[Error:Page Load] Adobe Target Redirect Test


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We launched a Redirect A/B Test in Adobe Target and used the URL with Query String something like this- ?ff-banner-ck=on to call the bunch of custom JS to serve the test version of the page.

Once the test was pushed live, we saw the page going into loop of redirects and refresh and appending repeated mbox session ids in the URL:


....and it continued.

Finally we had the page being served but that was after all those loop refresh. Is it something you can help us with?



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Hi rishik29577799

Thanks for your question I looked at the URL above and could see you are running at.js v2.0.0

Unfortunately at this current time:

Cross-domain tracking is not supported

''' In at.js 2.x, HTTP GET is no longer used and instead we use HTTP POST. HTTP POST is now used via at.js in order to send JSON payloads to Target edge servers. This means that the redirect request to check whether a browser supports third-party cookies now breaks. This is because HTTP GET requests are idempotent transactions, while HTTP POST is non-idempotent and mustn’t be arbitrarily repeated. Therefore, cross-domain tracking in at.js 2.x is no longer supported.'''



Joshua Eisikovits | Global Lead, Platform Support | Adobe Customer Care


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So that means we should just avoid using the Query String param in the URL of the redirected test variant.

Thanks for quick reply on this Joshua, much appreciated!


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Joshua brings up a great point in regards to cross domain not being supported in at.js 2.x per the documentation: at.js cookies

In regards to the issue at hand it is possible that you have built an infinite loop based on the entry and additional URL that we can qualify for the activity from and then we re-enter and get re-directed over an over.

Mihnea Docea | Technical Support Consultant | Customer Experience | Adobe | (:: 1 (800) 497-0335


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Maybe it might be a little late, but I hope to help others with the same problem.
I was able to solve this with the URL parsing feature. It's in Configure > Page Delivery > Additional Template Rules (I don't know if these are exactly the terms used in English, as I'm using Target in Brazilian Portuguese).


Change the option from "OR" to "AND" and put the parameter that the page should not have.

For example, if you want to redirect to ?utm_source=abc, put in this rule that the URL "must not contain" utm_source=abc.

See image for more details:

Captura de Tela 2022-03-16 às 16.57.25.png