Can we add Click Tracking on Button through adobe Test and Target

robinders871029 26-03-2019

Can we add Click Tracking on Button ?
<button type="button" class=" button green-btn caps" >View Fares</button>

How to render new mbox on  click of button ?
Can we use  adobe.target.trackEvent ?
Any Example related to that  will be helpful


hariharans94469 25-09-2019

When we are using adobe.target.trackEvent, we cannot use the adobe analytics as goal metric. How can i use adobe analytics as goal metric with custom tracking?

BrendanJaffary 09-10-2019

@hariharans94469549​- Are you using Adobe Launch to manage your link tracking?  You could assign a rule to listen for clicks on the element and send a custom link along with with rendering a new mbox from within the rule.