[ANNOUNCMENT] ✨Adobe Target Java SDK is now live!


Adobe Target Java SDK is now the second server-side SDK

that you can leverage when integrating with Target server-side!

Java is one of the most popular server-side languages that is used today to power applications - this is SUPER EXCITING and we hope you'll find it tremendously valuable right off the bat

Here are some related resources that you'll find to be immensely useful: 

Check out this Adobe Tech Medium blog written by the sole developer who created the Java SDK. This article provides recommendations and best practices on integrating with the Java SDK in a highly-performant fashion and walks through sample code to showcase some of the cool performance enhancements we provide developers out of the box!

Customers's developers can now contribute to the Java SDK as it is open sourced! We recognize the fact that sometimes we can't move as fast as our customers want us to and address feature requests for the SDKs. Therefore, we wanted to open this up to the world so that our SDKs can evolve organically without compromising and slowing down the pace of innovation. We foresee our SDKs evolving in a way that can address really cool use cases in the future.

We have included a change log that will include all future releases and bug fixes. This is important for developers to have access to so that they understand what was added, changed, and deprecated when integrating with our SDK.

We have also added a release notes page dedicated to the Java SDK in our Adobe Target docs portal. So please check out this page if you are interested in what has been released.