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Adobe Target - Metrics Setting :Increment count, release user, and allow reentry adobe target


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Hi Team ,

I have a question on Adobe Target Activity Metric setting :

Increment count, release user, and allow reentry adobe target

Let say if this setting is enabled for a metric in Adobe Target , Then let's say a user reaches the metrics ( clicked element ) and then refreshes the page on which Activity experience is shown  in same session or again visits a page on which the activity  experience was shown earlier in same session  then will the user will be shown the default content or Activity Experience.

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This is a great question. Here is what will happen:

1. User clicks the conversion element.
2. Conversion is incremented.
3. User is released from activity.
4. User is now able to re-qualify into activity.
5. User re-qualifies into activity same changes of landing on experience as they originally did when they entered the activity the first time.
6. If they click the conversion element again then conversions would increment again.

So on and so forth.

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With this configuration, each time the visitor meets the conversion, they would be eligible to requalify for the activity in the same session.

So if they refresh the page, they would again qualify for the activity and would be shown the experience. In this case, in activity reports the visitor count would increase on the refresh against the respective experience.