Adobe Target A/B with Audience

nengl78359331 08-08-2018

We created an Experience test with different audiences visitors: Default experience and Variation. The Variation splits into 3 audiences based on on site cookie: New Visitor, Returned Visitor, and Active User. We had an Adobe contact person that helped us but he left. The audience functionality is not working at all. I kept getting the default content. When I used the Adobe Debugger to debug, it said that the Audience Manager is not found. Not sure if that was the cause. Can someone help us why we are not able to get audience to work?


pranavkaushik 08-08-2018


you can check from the mbox Trace if you are falling in to any of the created segment.

For mbox Trace please go to Troubleshooting Content Delivery

Hope this will help.



karand53490614 09-08-2018

If it is an XT activity, the priority of experiences is defined by their order (top down) as they display in the Target UI.

So, if a visitor is qualifying for more than one of your audiences, they would see the top most experience they are qualifying for.

You can create an experience targeted to "All Visitors" can be used as the last experience in the experience targeting activity to "catch" any visitor



You can also try creating a new activity with Target inbuilt similar audiences, using Multi audience functionality of target.

Here are the docs you can follow

Audiences > Visitor Profile