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Hi, <br /><br />In a process I have two forms with the same xml schema. I need to copy nodes from the formA to the formB.<br /><br />My problem is in my xml schema I have nodes with maxOccurs = unbounded and I want to pass to the formB only a few of this nodes to the formB.<br /><br />exemple : <br /><br /><FormA><br /> <InfoN><br /> ...<br /> </InfoN><br /> <InfosFils><br /> <login>Jerome</login><br /> ...<br /> </InfosFils><br /> <InfosFils><br /> <login>Marc</login><br /> ...<br /> </InfosFils><br /> <InfosFils><br /> <login>Mikael</login><br /> ...<br /> </InfosFils><br /> <InfosFils><br /> <login>Linda</login><br /> ...<br /> </InfosFils><br /></FormA><br /><br />I want to pass only the nodes <InfosFils> for jerome and linda for example.<br />(In fact, it depend on a variable compt of type int in a loop)<br />I can't do for jerome for example in the setValue : <br /><br />location : <br /><br />/process_data/FormB/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/FormulaireB/InfoFils[1]<br /><br />expression : <br /><br />the info of jerome<br /><br />because the formB is empty and InfoFils[1] doesn't exist.<br /><br />If I do : <br /><br />location : <br /><br />/process_data/FormB/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/FormulaireB<br /><br />and expression : <br /><br />/process_data/FormB/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/FormulaireB/InfoFils[1]<br /><br />It copy the node I want but delete all the other nodes under FormulaireB<br /><br />and if I do the same for linda for example : <br /><br />/process_data/FormB/object/data/xdp/datasets/data/FormulaireB/InfoFils[3]<br /> <br /><br />It will erase the Info of jerome.<br /><br />I don't know how do that. Need I use the xslt transformation ? Or create a component ? Can I use the DOM methodes to create nodes in the setValue ?<br /><br />Thanks for any advice
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I think I will try to create my xml into a string variable and then copy it under the root of my formB but it seems to be complicated :(

Edit : It seems to work with small files. Need to test with more data


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Hi Jerome

There are a couple of techniques you can use:

1. Simple XPath

Try /process_data/FormA/InfosFils[login='Jerome' or login='Marc']

There are other ways you could do this.

2. XSLT - ships with Livecycle

3. XQuery component.

4. XMLUtil component

You can find examples of XMLUtil and XQuery here, and download a trial off our web site.:





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My issue was not to access node Jerome or linda but to create the nodes in the second form. I did it by creating the xml in a string with serialize and concat function and at the end deserialize this string into the xml I needed.


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In a setValue,

location :


Expression :



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You can use the function deserialize(node) in the xPath builder.