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Workflow as webservice


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In Adobe Livecycle 7.2 , we can create workflow as webservice.

But How i will do it in ES? Please give details.
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You can create a process in LiveCycle ES Workbench, a webservice is created automatically when you activate the process.

Your process is available on http://yourserver:port/soap/services/nameofyourprocess (?wsdl)

Yves Vindevogel

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In my requirement, I need to write webservice for retrieving records from database.The database is located in different server not in where the ES Server is installed.

I hope, i will create workflow with SQL QPAC.But How i will give DataSource Name for other server? How i will access those records in JAVA API.


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You do not need to create a QPac for that. In LiveCycle ES, you can retrieve records from a database directly.

You can do this using:
Workbench ES, Services, Foundation, JDBC, Query (Multiple Rows / Single Row).

You must specify your database with something like this "java:/yourDB". The yourDB is the DatasourceName you've given your database.

You must specify your databases in JBoss. I did that in the file "C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8\jboss\server\all\deploy\adobe-ds.xml" ...
I hereby include the code for it (hope this works)...

After that, I can talk to my DB with name java:/pdt20015


Yves Vindevogel
iDA, member of the Cronos group
Adobe Silver Solution Partner EMEA


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I want to migrate the WebService from existing Websphere server to the
LiveCycle ES 2.5
Requirement is that I need to make sure that client application will
require least number of changes. In other words, I should be able to
recreate the webservice in LiveCycle ES 2.5 using the WSDL of the
existing webservice (that is deployed in WebSphere). But whenever I
create a process in workbench it creates a WSDL automatically (it
creates webservice endpoint) for that process. In that case I am
unable to use my older WSDL (the one which is being used in websphere
app). Is there any way that I can use an existing WSDL in LiveCycle ES
2.5 and create a webservice in ES 2.5?

If I try to use the WebService component of Foundation pack of
LiveCycle ES then that won't work in my case because I am not calling
any webservice from LiveCycle ES 2.5. Infact I am migrating an
external or existing webservice into the LiveCycle without any major
change in the WSDL and the client app.

I have couple of approaches in mind but want to know what is the
right, easier and cleaner way to do. Please advise!!
Thanks in advance!