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Which libraries are accessible in custom components?


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hi there

i am developing a custom component that has to access the repository. i found a tutorial for accessing it from a client application, but it needs quite a lot libraries such as adobe-repository-client.jar or adobe-livecycle-client.jar. i think there must be a way for a component, that is runing inside the appserver, to access the repository without this libraries. but i did not find any documentations for this.

has anyone an idea or a link to a tutorial?


ps: i know, it's not the appropriate category here, but there is no better one...!
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for everyone that is interested in this:<br />I figured out, that it seems to be possible to use all libraries as on client side. but it is not necessary to include them in the jar for deployment. just add a dynamic package import to the component.xml file, and the server handles everything itself!<br />it is really amazing how long that one has to search for such a solution! there is absolutely no documentation available! i hope that will become better in the future!<br /><br />greez<br /><br /><dynamic-import-packages><br /> <package version="1.0" isOptional="true">*</package> <br /></dynamic-import-packages><br /><services><br /> ...<br /> ...


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Hi Nico,

Thanks for the great post! I too have been looking for an example on this one! However your solution doesnt work in my case as I am getting a "Class Not found error" due to the fact that the .jar I reference in Java (adobe-usermanager-client.jar) is not located on the server. Do you have any idea where I can put the .jar?

We are using Websphere 6.1.

Thanks in advance if you are still watching this post.