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Want to read the y position of a subfrom


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There is a subform which has content set as 'Flowed'. Under this subform we have children subform. One child subform having content as 'Flowed' so we can not specify X and Y position in the layout pallette.

I want to read the Y position of this child subform in the scripting but it gives 0inch. This y position will help me to adjust height of another subform.

Here is the script used to read the Y position of the subform.


Result: Always 0inch.

Your help would be appreciated.
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I use a different means of getting the x, y coordinates. I query the layout Dom to get hat info. Here is a typical query:

var obj = formname.pageName.objectName;

var oY = xfa.layout.y(obj, "in");

If you need to set the x,y value of an object you do not do it through the layout Dom. You would use:

objectname.x = "10in";

I see you trying this with a signature .....note that a signature is not really an object in XFA but a placeholder that is transformed into a signature when a PDF is created. I would wrap the signature in a subform and operate on the subform instead.

Hope this helps
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