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Using assembler service in livecycle process desing


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I am looking into the assembler service to flatten a form that is generated using a renderPdfForm process that is populated using xml.

I tried to drag the assembler service into my livecycle process design and connect the output of the renderPdfForm to the input of the assembler service - but it still requires a DDX.

Any good examples or help on how to work with the assembler service in the process design?

I would also like to use it to merge pdfs where I have the pdfs as bytes in java and would like to call a service to get them merged into one.

Everything I look at talk about the DDX but I can't figure out how to do these two scenarios.

Samples tutorials? - anything will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Christian,<br />For flattening a PDF you can use the following DDX :<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/"><br /> <PDF result="out.pdf"><br /> <PDF source="fileIn1"/><br /> <NoXFA/><br /> </PDF><br /></DDX><br /><br />Once you configure your process with the above DDX and activate, then you can invoke process from your Java application through web service or EJB calls.<br /><br />For your several needs you can contact us from http://www.kgc.com.tr/company_Contact.html<br /><br />Oguz<br />http://www.kgc.com.tr