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unecessary lines in xml of form causing slow loading and saving


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ok, i created a simple form comprised mainly of text fields and some check boxes. after completing the general layout of the form, i saved it then proceeded to edit text field borders to appear with the top and left side borders visible and the right and bottom borders invisible. the borders are set to 0.25 pt. i then proceeded to save my form at regular intervals as an XDP after i completed about half of my border settings. it was at this point that i noticed a considerable amount of slow-down during the save process (about 2-3 minutes). i then completed the rest of my border settings and executed another save, which this time took about 3-4 minutes.

the next day, i attempted to load the form to work on it some more, but to my dismay, the form wouldn't load. the application would not respond. in my attempts to troubleshoot, i found that the file size dramatically increased from about 1MB to 15MBs!

for kicks, i decided to look at the XML of the form and was surprised to find hundreds of the following tag inserted into the code:

i'm assuming that this contributed to the file size increase and subsequent slow-downs. are all these tags necessary or is this a bug of some kind??
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These are processing and caching commands using by the renderer to increase performance - sadly, they also get included in the final xml. Also, they are not removed on the next render - the renderer just keeps adding them to the xml - and the form bloats. I came across one XPD form from which I removed close to 100,000 of these commands.

See the document "renderCache Processing and Performance in Adobe LiveCycle Forms 7.1.pdf" here:


This doc has a java program attached to remove the scripting commands (like rendercache etc), but i found it easier to copy the xml from Designer to TextPad, remove the lines using the regex replace command in Textpad and copy the xml back into Designer.

Good luck

Anthony Jereley