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Time out error when submit PDF via Acrobat Reader


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I have a PDF that I created in Livecycle Designer ES 8.2. Works great.

Once the user of the PDF is finished they submit the PDF document to

my webserver via HTTP submit button. I have a PHP script on my

webserver that accepts the PDF being uploaded to it.

If you use my PDF inside a browser window and hit the submit pdf button, it works PERFECT.

If you open the exact same PDF with Adobe Reader 8 or Adobe Reader 9,

and press the same button, it uploads the PDF file, and then gives me a "time-out error - Nothing done" - box with Adobe 9 or with Adobe Reader 8 is gives an error that it "Did not received expect html/text - Timed out error."

It appears when you run the PDF from Acrobat Reader instead of inside

a web browser, it uses a different transfer system to send files over the internet.

Can anyone give me some insight as to what response the Adobe Reader 8

or 9 wants from my upload script so I don't get an error box? I currently have a simple web message that is displayed it it uploads successfully.

Strangely I have a submit button that send the XML data from the form. When I use that inside a browser or inside Adobe Reader, it works perfect either way. Weird.

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To be able to submit outside of a browser you have to Reader Extend the form to allow for that. Reader will not allow it on its own. The Reader Extensions in LiveCycle has the ability to apply the right to allow this.

Nothing is being submitted at this point so sending something back isn't going to matter. Once you do Reader Extend and are able to submit you will have to return back a PDF (not HTML). The Reader does not interpret HTML. That works in the browser because it is the browser that is interpretting the message.