Submit by Email - asks "as a link or an attachment"



Have designed a form in Acrobat that we want our customers to fill out and return to us via email by clicking on a button.

We have created a button that has the submit by email function.

We have enabled reader rights on the document.

However, when we click the button, the user gets a screen asking:

"How would you like to email this document?

Send a link (URL) to the original, unmodified pdf file on the web?

Send a copy of the pdf file, including your changes, as an attachment?"

All we want to happen is the last option: Send a copy of the pdf file. Is there a setting somewhere that we can tag to skip the scenario above and just proceed to open Outlook and attach the pdf as a file.

Thanks for any suggestions




Apparently this happens if the client is using a webmail client.

If Outlook is the default, Outlook creates a new email with the form as an attachment without a problem.

Not sure about OE or other email clients.

Due to the number of people using webmail, I would be cautious about using the "send as email" function in Adobe.