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strange javax.ejb.EJBException FileNotFound Exception though form is found


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I've set up a simple workflow, which consists of two user QPACs, which are connected to each other, let's call the first one 'user' and the second one 'admin'.

I use a simple init-form, which merely consists of a dropdown and a submit button.

The workflow works fine: 'user' selects a value from the dropdown-list, submits the form, 'admin' opens the form, the dropdown's value is still selected.

However, in the logfile, the following exception is thrown:


INFO [STDOUT] Got tempFile : D:\Adobe\LiveCycle\temp\adobejb\DM4268780530925093172.dir\DM6500814794164759285.pdf

INFO [STDOUT] com.adobe.fm.extension.formserver.AresUtil getPDFDocument

INFO: Loading the PDF.

INFO [STDOUT] com.adobe.fm.extension.formserver.AresUtil setPdfRights

INFO: BufLength : 100415

ERROR [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.LogInterceptor] EJBException:

javax.ejb.EJBException: FileNotFound Exception: File [/fm//Forms/test_dropdown.xdp] not found

at com.adobe.ebxml.registry.appstore.url.provider.XappstoreUrlDataProviderBean.getInputStream(XappstoreUrlDataProviderBean.java:193)

at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor419.invoke(Unknown Source)

at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)

at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:324)


As the workflow works, I could easily forget about the exception. But it outputs a couple of thousand(!) lines in the logfile each time, the form's submit button is pressed.

Does anyone know, why do I get a FileNotFound exception though the workflow works fine???

The exception may result from the incorrect path, which contains
//. But why is the form then loaded anyway?


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Hi Steve

I find it interesting that it is looking for your form at:

/fm//Forms/test_dropdown.xdp. I believe it should be looking for your form from the //Forms level and /fm should not preceed it.

When you look in the adminui at Form Manager->File Manager, is Forms the top level of your repository?

If it is, have you manually specified the form path somewhere else in your workflow such as 1) the "template-url" field of your form variable 2) the Mappings tab of the User qpac in the "Change the form template Url to:" field?



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Hi Diana,

In the File Manager UI, the form's properties are:

File: /Forms/test_dropdown.xdp

Content Type: application/octet-stream

Size: 43460 bytes

Change Number: 1.5

In the workflow, the form template points to
/Forms/test_dropdown.pdf and in the User QPAC's mapping tab, the 'change the form template Url to' reads

Also, selecting 'use form template Url defined by...' does not help. :-/

Thank you for your help so far.

Do you have any ideas, what else might have gone wrong?




Former Community Member
Hi Steve

I'm not sure what the cause of the problem is.

One thing...do you use the same form all the way through your process?

If so, you should just be moving your form url information via your form variable. You would only choose "Change the form template Url to:" field if there was a different version of the form at this step. It doesn't hurt to do it but there is no need to. This is extra overhead.

To use the same form all the way through the WF and move the data from each step:

1) specify an init-form

2) specify a form variable

3) on the Mappings tab of your user QPAC you select your form variable as your "Input Variable" and select "use form template Url defined by Input Form Variable".

4) also on the Mappings tab of your user QPAC you select your form variable as your "Output Variable"

(You are probably not doing this, but there is also no need to fill in the template-url field in your form variable.)



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Unfortunately, using the same form all the way through the workflow is no option. In the final workflow (not the testing wf I've set up), I'll be using two different forms at least.

> (You are probably not doing this, but there is also no need to fill in the template-url field in your form variable.)

No need to fill-in the template-url? Really?

Then what is the template-url good-for?

Quite confused I am.


Former Community Member
Problem solved (yeeeha :-): obviously, it was a misconfiguration.

Even though we do not send form templates along with task reminders, LiveCycle's e-mail component tries to locate the form templates before sending the task reminders. In the admin ui in

Home > Services > Adobe LiveCycle Workflow > Server Settings > Email Settings

the parameter
URL Root ended with the incorrect String

Still, I presume, that the creation of form template URLs is erroneous. If the
URL Root parameter ends with a slash, the form template URL will contain two slashes.

So if an Adobe developer reads this: please check the method, which concatenates
URL Root and form template path. It mustn't create URLs containing two slashes.