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Specification of 2D barcoded forms


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Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone can help we with my question.

I am wondering how much data one barcode can contain, I mean how much data can I type into textfields. If I have a lot of data in my form which can not be contained in the barcode - how is this handled?

Furthermore I would like to know what happens to aatchments - are they also represented in the barcode?

Thanks in advance


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You noticed probably yourself that the 2-D barcode turns gray when you overload it.

As the barcodes zip the data it is hard to predict how many bytes of raw data fit in.

If you are precautious you fill every field with as many letters as possible. Constantly mix small/big caps, numbers, other letters. If your barcode still holds the input, then you can be pretty sure that you haven't overstreched it.

Your users usually will not write such a mess into your form. Therefore it is quite ok to deliver forms that might be overloaded - but not with real data. Your in the field of calculated guesses here.


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A 2D barcode field stores up to a therotical mazimum of 2710 characters. When you define the max character numbers for each field in your form, barcode field can automatically show a warning if it exceeds the max value. Barcode field can hold the collection of the data in your form or the entire data. But It can not hold the attachments, if I am not wrong.