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Set presence based on Radio button


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Hi all,

I've done a few searches on this topic and haven't found what I need. I'm working on a WinXP system, Acrobat Professional 7.0.5, and an upgraded Acrobat Designer 7.1.2295.1.242059.

Very simple problem, I'd think -- I have a series of subforms that are set to 'Hidden' in the Object window of Designer. I want certain groups of subforms to change their presence to 'Visible' and change back to 'Hidden' when other radio buttons are selected. Simple, right? Only not so simple for me. :(

Here's what I'm bashing about with so far:

var docform01 = xfa . resolveNode( "Superform1..FormDesSubform" );

var docform02 = xfa . resolveNode( "Superform1..PrintSrvcSubform" );

docform01 . presence = "hidden";

docform02 . presence = "hidden";

switch( OptionGroup )


case Documerge:

docform01 . presence = "visible"

docform02 . presence = "hidden"


case NonDocumerge:

docform01 . presence = "hidden"

docform02 . presence = "visible"





It doesn't work. Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?
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