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serious performance issue Workbench


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Since last week or so we are experiencing some serious performance issues using LC Workbench we use version 8.0.1. LC server version is also 8 SP1. It reacts very slow and crashes on a regular base.

We have more than 1100 files in the repository, of witch:

* 534 templates, these templates are divided into 4 sub folders of which ALG is the largest with more than 340 files

* 44 xml-files

* 100 fragments (nested)

* 274 xsd-files

* and some image, xdc files, ...

Could this be the problem, the large amount of file in the repo?

Is anybody else experiencing this performance problem?

Thanks and kind regards,

Ronny Ruyters
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Hope nobody else runs into this problem, but just in case, we found the cause and a 'solution' for this problem:

The performance problems occurred because there was a table of the underlying MySQL database that LC uses to stores all content created in the Workbench which had more than 110.000 records and a size > 1.1Gb.

This is caused because the versioning that LC uses in de repository doesn't uses an history of changes between all different versions of the files in the repository, but always keeps a complete new copy in a the database.

After 2 years of template development this resulted in a huge table containing all these versions.

This is how we solved it:

1) make a backup of everything in the repository (drag&drop)

2) delete everything from repository

3) copy everything from backup back to repository

Even after deleting everything there still where about 42.000 records with old versions left in the database.

So if your creating a lot of template, fragments and other collateral in the repository keep in mind that at some time de database will grow extremely large and slow down workbench enormously with constant crashes.