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security warning 'access more than one site..' - URGENT HELP


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Hi All

(USING: Reader 707 + Reader extension 702 or Acrobat 707 )

I am having big trouble with this Acrobat/reader security warning:

Security Warning

'This document as accessed more than one site and might be trying to share data among different locations. This could be a privacy concern. Are you sure you want to continue?'

I know it is more an acrobat/Reader issue than designer, but hope that one outthere has ideas.


We have 4 servers sharing the load for a webservice. I have coded webservice connection in javascript in Designer 7.1 using SOAP.

The webservice look up data, but i recieve the security warning each time I perform the look up. I have added all sites to Trust Manager, so that is not the problem!

I think the very problem is that Acrobat/Reader request to a DNS alias, but later recieve response from ONE of the specific servers!

Acrobat/Reader request webService on:


Acrobat/Reader recieve answer from (for example: da1650 - one of the 4 servers)


So Acrobat/Reader shows the security warning because it suddenly recieve a response from a server that is does not know it has requested against - This is what I think happens!

Have anyone experinced a similiar situation? any ideas? All comments/ideas/solutions are appreciated. As the warning is very anoying to the user I cannot launch my LC forms so I need a solution...


ThomasG - Denmark
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just a note:

WebService URLs are only internal, so cannot be reached!


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I have the same problem, did you find a solution to yours? Thanks