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Reset LiveCycle Rights Management Services ES administrator password


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I just installed LiveCycle ES and i made all the necessary configurations to it.

Although when i try to log in LiveCycle Rights Management Services console, my administrator user and password is not accepted.

I tried all the way i could remember to access the console, but i dont seem to find the right username/password.

Is there any way I can reset the password or is there any default username/password combination i dont know of?

Thank you.

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What url are you trying to login to?



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Hi Jasmin

I have the same issue..!

I downloaded a VMWARE appliance and did the entire configuration as stated in the README. I can access ALL the pages using the URLs BELOW other than the Rights Management with the username Administrator and Password "password"

Test FormsIVS :
Test OutputIVS :
Test Assembler :
Test Reader Extensions :
Login to Workspace :
Login to Content Space :

Login to Rights Management WebUI :

  1. Is there a different      password for accesing the Rights Management?


My LiveCycle IP Address is :

The above IP address is supplied by the: Domain Controller of Windows 2008 Ent 64bit

I would highly appreciate your help. TIA


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The Rights Managemenent Web ui is meant to be used by "end users" who have the permission\ability to create and manage their own "personal" policies.  To access this interface the user need to have the "LiveCycle Rights Managemenent End User" role assigned to them (to provice sufficient permission).

If you assign this role to the "Administrator" account then you will be able to login to the RM Web UI, but remember, this UI is not meant for the Administrator.  To create ploicy sets policies as the Administrator, you should login to the LiveCycle Administrative UI, select Services > LiveCycle Rights Management ES2 > Policies.

One last thing, if you want the end users to be able to complete their own policies, then as Administrator you must ensure that you configure "My Policies" by adding the domains that contain the users who you wish to allow the policy creation option.  This is found in the Adminui under Services > LiveCycle Rights Management ES2 > Configuration > My Policies




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Thank you Steve for the prompt reply.

As you would have guessed I am completely NEW to this and I have just installed and in the process of testing the same.

I need to read more and learn how to assign and remove rights ect.

I just tried every link as I configured the SERVER for the first time and this was the only link which didn't work. To be honest I don't know how to create end users and assigning rights ect. As I said, I need to find materials to read / learn the subject.

Well, I am still in the prosess of looking for training manuals.

Thank you onece again.