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RemoteObject Bug


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This is clearly a bug to me. I just thought I'd share it with
you guys in case you run over same issues.

I have a remoteObject call and all was good, the call was
making it to the J2EE application the data was coming back -
however they data was not as complete as I was expected. Only few
properties were coming over.

Only the properties that had both the getter and the setter
were coming over. That is a bug, there are cases when I need to get
data in a read only mode for example. I have navigate my data on a
page basis. So I get the data for a page(listing) the page object
would have size, itemsPerPage - there are readonly properties but
there were not coming over.

On the same note I wonder if the [Bindable] on the remote
class forces this behaviour.

After I implemented pseudo setters the data came over..

Please let me know what you thing!


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