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Processing of a Form when a WEB Service is not available


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Has anyone else noticed this or has a work-around suggestion? Note I am very new to this product. Background: We tied a WEB service call to a button on our PDF Form. When the user started the process they filled in the form but did not use the button to access the service to verify the data on the form. When they clicked on Complete it appeared that the process started but it never arrived at the first operation in the workflow. Upon investigation it was found that the workflow never started. It was as if when the workflow engine saw that the WEB Service was offline it threw the request away. When we loaded the form into WorkBench we did get an alert box telling us the server was unavailable and that the WSDL could not be loaded for the Data Connection. As the first user interaction is not coded in the workflow we are not sure how to trap this incident and prevent the user form thinking their process was accepted by LiveCycle for action. Thank you for your help in advance.
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Hi Steph

I very much doubt that not calling the web service could have caused any problems directly.

Does the workflow start correctly if you completely remove the web service invocation?

How do you know that the process didn't start?

Is the process long-lived?

Do you have an xfa-form as an input variable of your process?

Have you added the correct Workflow fields to your form, or just a single submit button?