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Plus sign instead of data in form


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I have begun using the Form feature in Adobe 8.0. I have made my forms using the Livecycle designer. I have received back completed forms via email and then I have entered the data in the actual form itself by hitting "import data." When doing so I've noticed that there are some responses that show a little bit of the answer but then there is this plus sign (+) and when I click on it, it allows me to see the rest of the response(by scrolling over).

My problem is when I print off the form, it still has this plus sign on there and it doesn't show the complete answer. The only way to see the entire response is if you scroll over on the form on the computer. I was wondering how you get it to show the entire response and get rid of the plus sign???

Any help would be appreciated.
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The plus sign indicates the data in the field is bigger than the space provided. The way to fix this so that when you are printing you can see the entire response is to make the field larger if necessary to fit the average response and in the object window, mark the "Limit Length to visible area" box.