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Order Form with dropdown menu PLEASE HELP!


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I am very new to lifecycle and I need some help. I am trying to create a form where my client can select an option from a dropdown menu. Then the value of that option shows up in a new text box. Then the value in the text box gets added to the value of another dropdown menu. Here's a basic flow chart.

Dropdown Menu with items (i.e. 8x10 photo) ------>Price shows up in new text box (i.e. $8.00) --------->New Text Box which shows total amount.

I don't need an option for quantity. I just need to make several dropdown menus and then have the total cost show in a new box. I hope this makes sense. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
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Hi Marc

Option for quantity wouldn't be any problem. ^^

Okey here you go, first make a "Dropdown-Menue"

Add the options you wanna give with the green button.

Then go to bind/binding; click the checkbox there.

Now get a decimal field in your form. (Name probably "Decimalfield1")

Click the dropdownlist. There should be some kind of table where you can enter a script. First choose "Exit" and "JavaScript".

Then you should write in there something like

if (this.rawValue == "1")

{decimalfield1.rawValue = "3,00"}

if (this.rawValue == "2")

{decimalfield1.rawValue = "4,00"}

Be sure to use the right names ;D

Do that with all your boxes.

The last box with the sum:

Get in there, choose "Calculate" (FORMCALC)

Write in decimalfield1 + decimalfield2 + (and so on)

To make the dollar sign and so show up you've got to give a pattern in each field :)

Hope that helped :)