Newby To Lifecycle Building Dynamic Loan Application Form



The document i am working with is going to be an online loan application form.

At present when i save the file in live cycle the file is 1.5 meg in size and it is also that size when i try and save the file for distribution.

Is there some way to optomise the final pdf down to a reasonable size

The original interactive form which i am basing this new form is a pdf of only 360kb so i am not sure why it has blown out to 1.5 meg.

The file in question has been programmed with functionality such as repeating regions etc to allow the applicant to dynamically add extra applicants or assets or liabilities to the application as necessary

As mentioned i am a newbie to life cycle however have been a cold fusion programmer for for 8 years.

I look forward to any assistance you may be able to offer and also come good reference material suggestions for clear consise instructions.





In Designer on the File/Form Properties menu choose Save Options. By default the embed font and Generate Accessibility tags are set on. These will increase the size of your PDF considerably. If you do not need these options then turn them off and try again.



The fonts settings are not set to embedded fonts as suggested. The file size is still over 1.5meg when the original interactive pdf which i imported intoi live cycle is only 350kb.

Can someone please assist in advice on how to optomise the file size to a normal size and also advise on any online tutorials to assist me in learning livecycle to allow me to complete this online loan application i am building as an interactive pdf



Hi Claude,

Using Designer ES, under Options->Document Handling, select "Save PDF Files compressed". That should help.