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Multipage form and tab order


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I am not having success setting the tab order for my four-page form. I've tried several different methods. Starting at the first page, shift-clicking the first field, then clicking all remaining fields in sequence. Starting with the last page and moving backwards, shift-clicking the first field on each page. I notice that the first three pages have a sequence number in their upper-left corner when I'm viewing the tab order, but I can't change it (the first page's is 70). All four pages are within one subform. The first page uses master page 1, the subsequent pages use master page 2. Anyone have any suggestions?
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May be it could be the best solution to download Acrobat Pro 9 trial and use Designer 8.2 from that pack. Tab order UI in 8.2 was updated really good.


Hope that helps

Regards, Andrey


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Hey Andrey. Thanks for your suggestion. I figured it out and many users would probably say "of course." My mistake was I had all of the elements on all four pages in one big subform. Moving each page's elements to their own subform at the same level in the hierarchy as the first page subform solved my problem. So the top level hierarchy now looks like this:

+(Master Pages)


+(untitled Subform)(page 2)

+(untitled Subform)(page 3)

+(untitled Subform)(page 4)

After restructuring the pages and setting the tab order, it works perfectly.