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multilevel step numbering continued from field to field


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I have a standard operating procedure template in Word and have been asked to recreate it in LiveCycle for ease of all end users. Can LiveCycle have multileveled step numbering continued from field to field as if it were line to line, like Word? I can provide an example if I hear response soon. Thanks.

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Post your example so I'll see what is possible.


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HI there, to understand the big picture, I have engineers that are using a Word template for writing Specs for equipment. It's a pre-formatted document with step numbering broken down for many levels of step numbering. Below is an example. These engineers want this template in LiveCycle. I know LiveCycle can do multilevel step numbering, but the user cannot change what I (as the designer) formats for them, to my understanding. Can I, in a 2 column table, have additional rows added or subtracted, WITH multilevel step numbering in column A? and if I can, will LiveCycle auto populate the next following step number(+1 or -1)? Additionally, if any of this is possible, can the user manipulate what level the step number is?

Template example I have in Word currently:


          1.1   (User writes info here).......

          1.2  (User writes info here)........

                 1.2.1  "      "

                "   "


          2.1  (User writes...)

If none of this makes sense, feel free to give me your email as this subject has so many possible scenarios I'm trying to accomplish and it gets convoluted.

Thank you for your time!!


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Whoa.....that's pretty darn cool. Thank you! I'm new with LiveCycle and have been using the dummies version of action building and teaching myself as I go. That may or may not be easy script, but it looks impressive so thank you!! If I make those buttons "visible-screen only", will that allow the user to manipulate the form as they create it in Reader and upon saving or printing, the buttons will go away, thus creating the look of a document? That would be my last addition/question for my template. Regardless, there now seems to be light at the end of my project tunnel thanks to you. So again, thank you thank you!!