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Making bound data in repeating subform as an overflow leader


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I am using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 to try to create a dynamic PDF form that flows top to bottom and has bound data " located inside a repeating subform flowing "Western Text" as headers that would be repeated on every page when there is overflowing. I have tried to use the overflow leader feature. The data shows up as a header in the first page but then doesn't repeat on subsequent pages.<br /><br />Here is the sample data to be bound where<br />1. <month> is a repeating subform and is dynamic<br />2. <months> and children are the headers to be overflowed<br />3. <data> elements are the body of the form<br /><br /><REPORT><br /> <header><br /> <months><br /> <month><br /> <month_val>2007-04-01</month_val><br /> </month><br /> <month><br /> <month_val>2008-01-15</month_val><br /> </month><br /> <month><br /> <month_val>2009-01-15</month_val><br /> </month><br /> </months><br /> </header><br /> <users><br /> <user><br /> <id>1</id><br /> <user>John A</user><br /> </user><br /> <user><br /> <id>2</id><br /> <user>John B</user><br /> </user><br /> <user><br /> <id>3</id><br /> <user>John C</user><br /> </user><br /> <user><br /> .....<br /> </user><br /> .........<br /> </users><br /> </REPORT><br /><br />I had set the REPORT subform as flowed and set the Overflow leader as months. The header shows up in the first page, but then only an empty box appears on subsequent pages in the headers. What can I do to force the data for the header to show up in subsequent pages?
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