LiveCycle Remoting and file upload




in older version of LiveCycle (LiveCycle ES 8.2) I had a process that converted file to PDF. I was using the URLRequest to http://" + serverPort + "/remoting/lcfileupload to upload file to the server and transfer it to the process.

Since I have upgraded LiveCycle to LiveCycle ES2 and the anonymous Flex remoting upload is not enabled, I would like to do a secured one, however I have no clue how to secure the remoting.

I am passing credentials to channelset that invokes the process after initialization of the application and I also tried to modify headers to pass authentication to the URLRequest with no luck.

Has anyone tried to use upload to LiveCycle ES2 with secured remoting?



PS. this is the code that is causing the anonymous connection. fileRef is defined at the drop event.

private function startUpload():void
           fileRef.addEventListener("uploadCompleteData", completeHandler);

              //omited, I am supplying file through drag/drop feature to AIR client
              //var success:Boolean = fileRef.browse();
           catch (error:Error)
              trace("Unable to browse for files.");

           trace("manual setting for the fileupload");
           var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://" + serverPort + "/remoting/lcfileupload")

           trace("here I cause error");