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LiveCycle 8: Insert ing Radio Button causes software lockup


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LiveCycle 8. WinXP Pro. I was working with a series of radio buttons, putting them into groups of two. Suddenly the software crashed (run-time error I think). I cleared out the temp fields then shut down, waited a few minutes before rebooting and tried two more times, following the same sequence before trying again. Software continued to crash when I used radio buttons even without trying to group!

I did an Acrobat Pro 8 repair. Inserting Radio buttons continue to crash. So I did a repair using the software disk. Same crash issue.

Today, when inserting new text into the label area of a text field, I got Adobe either locks up and won't shut down. I also forgot about the radio button issue (had a weekend in between work days) and again, Adobe locked up. When Adobe locks up, the only thing I can do is do a hard shutdown to get out of it.

Any suggestions for fixing this issue? I have to design many forms and not being able to design with the radio button hurts. However, note, I can import radio buttons from other forms and all works fine. I learned to save my work frequently!
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I have been working livecycle designer 8 and i face similiar issues. it keeps crashing down when i try to wrap radio buttons into a new group and i try to insert text boxes. any suggestions on how to get this resolved




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This happens to me all the time! My resolution: save early and save often - and yell obscenities at my monitor. I've wasted so much time having to re-do form pages b/c of this wrapping radio button crash behavior.

maybe someday this can be fixed...


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Having the same issues in 2010 so it doesn't appear they have fixed the bug (or responded to this post). Seems to be a bug with copying/pasting of grouped objects. My IT department has made several attempts to reinstall software, will be trying again. It's turning what I hoped would be a productivity-enhancing program into a complete waste of time and total frustration.