Lifecycle Rights Management ES for CATIA




I would just like to confirm a few points considering CATIA and Microsoft Office documents.

Digital rights of native CATIA files cannot be controlled directly . They must be converted to pdf in order apply rights management. Thus, file distribution will only be done by pdf files.

Contrary to CATIA files, native Microsoft Word documents CAN be controlled from Office Applications (for example, the save command of Word can be restricted). This is functionally equivalent to Microsoft's Rights Management Service.

This may be already stated in the documents.

Thanks in advance.




I am trying to create fillable forms for Reader. They work great locally on my computer but as soon as it is e-mailed out the document it locks the document so that the form is not able to be modified and saved. How do I fix that?



I think LiveCycle does support Catia file. Client (Catia) has to have extension for LiveCycle though.

I found this from my Google search:

(Check Page 3, step 2.)