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Instructions on how to create a "flattened" pdf from a LiveCycle Form


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My company is working with a vendor who had requested that I "flatten" my LiveCycle created pdf so as to remove the XML data and interactivity from the form so it no longer has fill in fields. After much research I found a very simple solution and wanted to post it here because the discussions that I waded thru on this forum to find out how to do this process were varied and lengthy. But in reality, the solution is quite simple.

I opened my regular LiveCycle file in LiveCycle and chose "print" from the File menu. In the Printer Name drop down, I chose "Adobe PDF", clicked OK and then saved the form with another name. Now the form is not fillable, is compatible with older systems, and no longer has any "fill in fields" even when opened back up in LiveCycle as a "flowed" document. The text is editable but in small snippets instead of as paragraphs.

I thought I'd share this because you never know who might be looking for just this same solution. The funny thing is, I wish I had known of this earlier. The United States postal service is using Adobe Reader version 5 and couldn't open any of my pdfs. This might have helped us to be able to view the documents on their system. And I thought MY company was behind the times! Who knew?

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