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Incompatible LiveCycle Designer Version


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have Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 installed (came with Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional) on my PC. I also have Adobe LiveCycle WorkBench installed on my PC. When I tried to create/open a pdf/xdp file from WorkBench, I got "Incompatible LiveCycle Designer Version" dialog box poped up with the following information:

The active version of LiveCycle Designer is not compatible with this version of WorkBench.

Please lanuch a version of LiveCycle Designer 8.1 or later and make it active, and then try opening your form again.


Plug-in provider: Adobe Systems, Incorporated

Plug-in name: LiveCycle Form Designer

Plug-in ID: com.adobe.designer

Plug-in version: 8.0.3116.1

Can anyone help me how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!
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I have upgraded the Adobe Acrobat Profession v8.0 to v8.1, but the Designer is still version 8.0 and the problem still exists.


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If you installed Workbench ES and then later used Designer 8.0 to open a PDF or XDF, Designer 8.0 may have prompted you with a message around the lines of "I'm not your default editor, do you want me to be your default?". If you responded "Yes" to this question when you now try to open an XDP or PDF from within the Workbench ES environment the file will be opened with Designer 8.0 instead of the required ES (8.1) version.

To correct this, under the C:\Program Files\Adobe\LiveCycle ES\Workbench ES\Designer ES\8.1 directory (if you installed in the default directory) you will find the "FormDesigner.exe" application. Launch this manually using the "Run" option from your Start menu bar (start-run).

Once Designer ES is started, Select "Tools" then "Options". Then, click on the "Workspace" option set and finally, click the button with the text "Set LiveCycle Designer 8.1 As Default".

This should solve the problem.


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The message

The active version of LiveCycle Designer is not compatible with this version of WorkBench."

Please launch a version of LiveCycle Designer 8.1 or later and make it active, and then try opening your form again -- is correct, but is not-so descriptive, because it does not say that it is the *stand-alone*. Designer 8.1 should be made active and it is not-so obvious to the user.

The steps recommended would be as follow:

1) Log out from LC Workbench server (File -> Log out).

2) Exit LC Workbench (File -> Exit).

3) Using Start -> Programs shortcut Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.1, launch Designer 8.1.

4) In case of having two Designers (8.0 and 8.1), and you launch Designer 8.1, the Check For Default dialog will appear (if Designer 8.0 was set as default/active). The user should click on the Yes button to make 8.1 default (or active). Note that it is recommended to have the Always perform this check when starting check box selected.

5) When Designer 8.1 is launched, go to the Tools -> Options -> Workspace and click on the Set LiveCycle Designer 8.1 As Default button just to be sure to have 8.1 as default. Note that it is recommended to have the LiveCycle Designer should check whether it is the default Designer on startup check box selected.

6) Launch LC Workbench, login and the user should succeed to create new XDP by launching Designer 8.1.

Please note that when updating Acrobat 8.0 to 8.1, Designer 8.0 is getting updated to version 8.0.5 which is also incompatible with LiveCycle Workbench. Only Designer 8.1 that comes with the LiveCycle Workbench is currently compatible.


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This message will appear when the version of Designer thats active is not 8.1. The way to fix it is to launch Designer 8.1, and make it active. You should find Designer 8.1 on the start menu if its installed; launch it, and if a dialog appears telling you that its not active, you can tell it right there to make itself active.

If you dont get this dialog, bring up the Tools / Options dialog, and on the Workspace tab, click Set LiveCycle Designer ES as Default.

(If you dont have Designer 8.1 installed, I believe the Workbench setup will install it you may need to run that again).

Hopefully this will fix the problem.


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I have been receiving the same error message when I try and launch the designer. So I did as Lee Sutton suggested, and went to find the executable. Only to find that the form designer component does not seem to have installed at all!

Has anybody else had this problem?