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import("some.xml") and export("somechanged.xml", false)


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(note: I posted this question in the Designer ES forum too, but since there are LC Server aspects to this problem, I'm posting here too)

I need to get these methods working with Reader so that on some form event like formReady, embedded JavaScript will populate the PDF from an XML data file using import() without user intervention. If the user has modified any form data then we want JavaScript to export the changed XML data on formClose.

We need these methods to work when the workstation is disconnected from any network too, so [submit] button alternatives are not acceptable. I could write a lightweight HTTP server to deal with this, but we prefer not to. We already have our own network synchronization layer that will move the XML files to and from the back-office when network connectivity is restored.

I have certified the PDF and added Reader Extensions using the LC server API's. However, when I load the form with Reader the formReady import() doesn't do anything. To prove the XML and the data connection aspect of the PDF is working properly, I added a button that calls the import() method without any arguments, which presents a file dialog so the user can locate and load the XML data file manually, which works fine. But this is not an acceptable requirement for our intended application.

My specific questions at this point are:

1) Is there anyway to troubleshoot why the import() doesn't work, log files, Windows Event logs, etc?

2) Should these import/export methods work in Designer ES preview mode?

3) Is there something else needed in the credential definition besides checking Certification and Reader Extensions in the LC Sever->Admin->Settings->Local Certificate dialog?

4) What Java object "UsageRights" flags need to be set/enabled (I've enabled all of them, but want to know which ones are actually required) for these import/export JavaScripts to work without user intervention, assuming the Certification is sufficient?

5) Can the proper certification and reader extensions be applied using Acrobat Pro instead of using the LC Server API's? Our form volume is sufficiently low that manually applying these settings may be acceptable.

I think I've looked at and tried everything I could think of and feel like I'm pretty much stuck here and need some help. thanks - eric
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is it possible to send the form to mergeandfuse@gmail.com,will take a look and see if I can offer any suggestions?


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thanks for the help, I really need it. I emailed you the form before and after certification+extensions. - eric


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Did this issue get resolved? If yes, can you share the results with the rest of us please?