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How to Extract the LC Form Fields Values and Store them in the Database.


Level 8
We have designed a huge LiveCycle Form using Adobe LiveCycle 7.1.<br /><br />The form will be submitted by the clients using the Standard Email Submit Button, and the PDF Data will be attached to an Email which is sent to a pre-defined Address.<br /><br />When the Emails are received by the Person in charge, he will save the Data Files each one with a unique name on a local folder.<br /><br />When finished receiving all the Data Files by Email, he will use Adobe Acrobat Utility from the menu "Advanced/Forms/Create sheet from Data Files", and this tool will allow the user to select all the saved Data Files and it will convert them to CSV File as you may already know.<br /><br />The format of the Data Elements on the PDF Form is very complex as it has many repeating elements (1-to-may relationship) such as the Applicant Data and list of his Experience, for example:<br /><br /><XML Root><br /> <applicant><br /> <name>some name</name><br /> <dob>1/1/1970</dob><br /> <Experience List><br /> <Experience Element><br /> <Organization>Some Organization 1</Organization><br /> </Experience Element><br /> <Experience Element><br /> <Organization>Some Organization 2</Organization><br /> </Experience Element><br /> <Experience Element><br /> <Organization>Some Organization 3</Organization><br /> </Experience Element><br /> </Experience List><br /> </applicant><br /></XML Root><br /><br />When converted such XML Data from the PDF into CSV, the result looked very complex, as the Repeating Elements were converted to columns with index counter. This is making it nearly impossible to write a program to work with such CSV Format and convert it to a Database Structure in the 3rd Normal Form.<br /><br />Objective:<br /><br />Write a program or some script to fully automate the extraction of the XML Data from the PDF Forms Files and convert it and store it in a Database Structure in the 3rd Normal Form.<br /><br />Remember that we will have many files stored in the a folder which has PDF Files with XML Data Embedded in them.<br /><br />Please help.<br /><br />Regards ...<br /><br />Tarek.
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