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How do I prevent people from saving a form


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I created a form for online fill in, but I do not want anyone to have the ability to save their data on the original form; they can "Save As" and rename it anything else with their data, but I want to keep the original form blank...not sure if this is so simple I am tripping all over it, but I can't find this simple procedure anywhere...

..any help?


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I have a PDF form that is filled out using an API through an appliation. I've enabled user rights in Adobe Reader and now they can save the form. However, anytime the document is opened I get the following annoying message:

"The document contained certain rights to enabled special features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and these rights are no longer valid. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."

What can I do to get rid of this annoying message.


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i save my work in pdf and make info available to others to read. i know about printing and security to the documents, but even though others cannot print they can save the files to their computer. how do i secure the pdf files so that cannot be saved just read from my web site? thanks ron


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> how do i secure the pdf files so that cannot be saved just read from my web site?

Impossible. They are already saved by the time people see them.

Anything on the web cab be saved, and everyone from self-published

authors to Disney have had to learn to live with this.

Aandi Inston


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To further add to Aandi's comment, files have to be able to be saved at the OS level for backups so there can be no totally effective solution. You could look at DRM and the cost and commitment to support for those products. You would also have to prohibit printing of the form. Or do you not allow a client or employee to have a copy of their submitted data or contracts?


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Hi. I found this out the hard way... If your user is on Windows and they have a roaming profile configured, but the profile is unable to load (e.g. the path is incorrect or the user has insufficient privileges), Acrobat automatically disables the ability to fill in form fields even though it is enabled in the document. I also found out from another forum that it behaves the same way if the user has a mandatory profile. Leigh.


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Hey guys,

I am not sure what i am doing wrong! I just made a survey in LiveCycle Designer 8 but wen i send it to co-workers (adobe reader users) they can't save it or email it to me. I tried opening the survey in adobe acrobat 8> Click on the Advanced Menu item. Select "Enable Usage Rights for Adobe Reader".

However, it still doesn't work. I saved it under adobe acrobat static 8/7/6 Static and dynamic but i still have the same problem.

Please advice.


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I have created a form using LiveCycle Designer 8.0 and require that the user not be able to save a form (though we would allow a Save As) but have the ability to email the form, with all fields completed, as a pdf file (using the a regular button with a mailto: command).

I have the form and button working. When I use Acrobat 8 to Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader the end user has the ability to Save the form. Since the form will reside on a server accessable to all employees we cannot permit the form to be changed and "publish" information for others to see. The form should always be empty when on the server.

When I edit the form in LiveCycle Designer 8.0 and do NOT use the Enable Usage Rights the user can not save the data. However, the email button that I created no longer works.

How do I a) Prohibit Saving a form to the server, but allow a Save As to thier hard drive to include data (as an option in the design of the form) and b) Email the form, with data intact and visible on screen and for printing, to the pre-determined email address so that the pre-determined recipient can view/print the form and data?

Would it be possible to have an Action execute when the form is opened (or closed) to clear all fields (without affecting the emailed version, just the original file on the server) so that the recipient has the data displayed?

Even creating the form and Not ebabling Usage Rights would work, IF the button to send the PDF via email were to function.

I am a novice and still learning LiveCycle and have only the most rudementary understanding of JavaScript.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,