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Hide Zero Values


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In the "Invoice" template that comes with ES the "Amount" fields are blank unless there is a value in "Quantity" or "Unit Price". The only calculation is "Quantity * UnitPrice". How are the zero values hidden? I've looked at every field possible for some kind of hint as to what suppresses the zero values and I cannot find anything. My form that I am working on shows all zeros in the amount column, sure I could use the template but then I wouldn't learn anything.

Thanks in advance
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I assume that you are speaking of the Purchase Order sample. The 0 is showing up because you have a calculation on that field.

On the validation pattern (Edit), there is a checkbox that says allow empty. This in turn is firing the calc for the amount field and making it empty as well.


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Thanks for the quick response, I'm not so sure that we are talking about the same program as I do not have that choice when the field is selected. I am referring to the "Invoice Template" found when setting up a form from the "File" "New". When I select the field my only options under OBJECT are "Field, Value, Binding". Under the "Edit" menu at the top of the screen I do not have a "Validation pattern" This choice is availabe but grayed out on the "Object", "Value" menu due to the field being Calculated Read Only.

Thanks again in advance.


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You can get to the validation patterns from the Object/Field palette.


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Ermm... may I help?

Do the calculation with Javascript in the amount field:

if (Quantity.rawValue != null && UnitPrice.rawValue != null)

{this.rawValue = Quantity.rawValue * UnitPrice.rawValue}

Hope that helped



Equivalent for the total Amount:

if (Amount1.rawValue == null && Amount2.rawValue == null ...)

{this.rawValue = null;}


{this.rawValue = Amount1.rawValue + Amount2.rawValue ....;}