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Getting data from SQL Server on a different server


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Before I dive into this, I want to make sure it's possible
and relatively painless 🙂

My Flex web app is hosted on one server (call it server01)
which is the web server, and I have a SQL Server 2000 database on
another server (server05), which is not a web server. In the Flex
app, I'd like to populate a ComboBox using data from a table in SQL
Server. Is this possible even though they are on different servers
and server05 doesn't has web access? Thanks.
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Are you using a web service? As long as your web service (on
web server) is able to communicate with the database, then the web
service can then send that response to your flex


Level 1
I'm not using anything as of yet to accomplish this. It seems
that using web services is the recommended method. Could you
provide any information on setting up a web service, or resources?