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Forms no longer render in IE after turning on SSL.


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We are using LiveCycle Designer 7 to create dynamic forms. The form is filled out on-line and then submitted back to the site. We have had no problems with this until recently. We did some security testing and found that when we turned on SSL, the form doesn't render in the browser.

Using Fiddler, I can intercept the request and open the content in adobe reader without issue. However, when the request gets to the browser, everything is rendered but the form.

We do have PDF's that where not generated through LiveCycle that display fine. But forms generated through livecycle do not. It doesn't appear to matter whether they are static, adobe 6 static or dynamic.

This appears to happen on different machines from XP to Vista. I believe we are all using IE 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I can't tell you if this is the problem you are having or not, but Microsoft did release a windows update which tightened some of the processing of SSL. This affected some certificates which had worked prior to that update. If your application worked but then stopped, see if you can correlate the date it stopped with installation of a windows update. Of course, if you made a change to your application around that date, that would be suspect also.

I didn't follow one comment you made "everything is rendered but the form". What is it that was rendered and what wasn't?