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Form Render Exception - No Messages Available


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This exception message is not very descriptive.

I am attempting to render a PDF using an XDP and an XML file. I am using the Adobe Installation Verification tool installed on the server which allows you to merge data and xdp. This was working yesterday and all of a sudden it stopped working without any changes to the server?

Anyone who has seen this before or recognizes this issue any help, ideas are appreciated.

com.adobe.formServer.interfaces.RenderFormException: com.adobe.formServer.interfaces.FormServerException: XMLFormFactory, PAexecute failure: "(com.adobe.document.xmlform.ReturnStatus@23f17bdf) No messages available"

at com.adobe.formServer.client.EJBClient.renderForm(EJBClient.java:339)
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hi Cory...

I read ur post.. Even I am stuck in the same problem but I am not able to render an xdp form.

Let me elaborate it. I used renderPDFForm, I provided the Formname "/Process Management/form.xdp" and contentrootURI as "repository://" but my form is not rendered. Its throwing error "com.adobe.document.xmlform.RenderException"

Kindly provide ur suggestion.




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Hi Ambika,

Were you able to resolve the error? even I am getting the same error.


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Has anyone come to a conclusion as to why this is happening? It seems as it is xml/xdp specific?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.