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I have a problem with the LDAP Query activity in LiveCycle ES2. I have written a process in LiveCycle ES2 SP1 workbench which runs as expected but when I export it in an LCA to my clients LiveCycle server it behaves differently. The process appears to run the same but the LDAP queries do not return any data. When I run this process there are no errors in the server log or in the process recording just a failure to return any data.

I have triple checked the LDAP configuration in the Adminui, Workbench LDAP component and LDAP query activity and found all to be configured correctly. The strange thing is I can fix it by dragging on a new activity and setting and it to an LDAP Query. I then configure it exactly the same as the original component and then it functions as expected, successfully returning data.

Has anyone else seen this problem before and can anyone suggest a solution? I have a much larger application with many processes containing many LDAP Query components so replacing each of them after each import of the LCA is not possible. I have tried creating different LCA’s and importing them onto different LiveCycle servers but always with the same result.

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