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ERROR: TCP Locator (Configuring the caching loactors) ERROR


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Hi All,

I am attempting to deploy LiveCycle ES to a WebLogic cluster which

reside on 64bit servers. Before I can run the configuration manager,

there is a step to run a batch file (startlocator.bat) in order to

configure the caching locators.

This batch file errors out with the following message:

"ERROR: operation "start-locator" failed because: Start of locator

failed. The end of "F:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\lib\caching\locator.log"

contained this message: "".

I checked the log and just like the above error message mentioned,

there was nothing written into the log. Please help. How can I get

this working, or better yet, how important is this step?

PS. This step is located on pg. 27 of the "Configuring LiveCycle ES

Application Server Clusters Using WebLogic" documentation.


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I have the same problem with a LCES3 deployement. Did you get any solution for this problem ?




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Hi Jonathan,

Could you please provide your OS details- Windows/Unix?

If it is any unix flavor system, please execute dos2unix command on startlocator.sh and run it again.


Pankaj Parashar


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When you run startlocator.bat, does a .locator file get created?

Im assuming no.

Now, can you copy that caching folder to your desktop.

Run the startlocator.bat again from the destkop location.  does the .locator file get created?

If yes, then its the same issue as I had.  I do have a fix but let me know if this helps first.


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Hi, I have the same problem, can you help me please?