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Email Button: Can you import information back into a form?


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I created a form using Live Cycle and included both a print button and an email button. Is there a way to populate the fields back into the form after the form has been filled out and emailed back? If so, how can I go about extracting the information from the email into the form, so I can print it out and file it for my records?
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Did you ever figure this out? I am new to this software. I was able to create the form, filled one out as a test and selected the email button. But when it was received, I could not open the file.

Any help?

Sandee L. Hill



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In LiveCycle you can import data as stored as XML file into your form.

One way could be if you know the fields and you have the exact empty form at you end.

Open the form in Acrobat Pro Extended ( Extended to save data again as pdf)

1.Go to FORMS tab

2.then,Manage Form Data

3.Import Data

4.Then Select the XML.

If you dont have the schema,you need XSD and bind it tothe fields in your form using DATA CONNECTION in LC Designer.




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the email button automatically produces xml

to email a pdf version do not use the email button

use a normal button

for button control type select submit(control types are on the object/field page of the properties for the button )

when you select the submit control type you will get a new tab in the properites... called "submit"

click on this tab.. in the "submit to URL" box type the email addres preceeded by mailto: (example


in the submit as drop down list select pdf. when you click the button the pdf copy of the form is created and attached to the generated email , ........