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Duplicate Lines after Export to .xml and import into Excel


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I created a read-out form for a radiologic study. This form is filled out 150 times by three different radiologists. I collect the data which is emailed back to my as a .pdf in a Dataset.pdf. When I export the Data to an ".xml-File" and afterwards import it into Excel, it gives me severeal duplicate lines. Sometimes the data is distributed over 2-3 different rows, sometimes the exact same data is duplicated in 2-4 consecutive rows, etc. I don't see a pattern. If I export it as a .csv File, there is no problem.

Has anybody had the same problems? What do I have to do, that at the end in Excel I have one row for each dataset emailed back to me?

If necessary I can upload the form and publish the Link.

It's not really too important as I can still extract Data using the .csv export. I would just like to understand, why it doesn't work with .xml Export.

Thank you for your help,

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Please post a synopsis of your solution.


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Hi, I am looking for a solution too on this problem.

Can someone help?