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Drop down lists


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I have a question regarding drop down lists. I have multiple areas on the from I'm using, which I will be using drop down lists. The problem I am having is the text is longer than the space provided and I cannot find anyway to wrap the text. Is this even possible? If so, where would I find that option??

Thank you for your assistance!

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You cannot wrap the text .... the only option is to make the dropdown list wider in Designer.


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I am REALLY new to Adobe Acrobat - I need a way to put three lines of font into my longest entry on a drop-down list. I have tried making the field longer and wider but it still just gives me one line of text that is cut off at the end. Is there no way to make the text wrap to the next line?


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Livecycle has positoned and flowed subforms - flowing can be a little tricky but might help where something is too long -

you put your form together normally - and for the dropdownlist put it (and whatever goes with it) in a subform - and set the subforms properties to auto- fit -    thats under layout panel on the right - if you cant see it

now your dropdownlist can take all the room it needs - but it could run down over the next part of the form - so to avoid that - once you have your form "pretty right" -putting most of the seperate components/parts in their own subfield - just drag in new subforms from the object library and resize to work for you

- then

you need to flow the form - which simply means that B will follow A - despite the fact that A might expand and contract -

as an OVERVIEW to flow a form make sure that each component you made (ie subform_part A, subform_partB etc)  is positioned - click the subforms one at a time and check this on the right by clicking the subform panel

then you need to select each of the untitled subforms pages (open the heirachy pallet if you need to via "window" - and set this collective of untitleds (r whatever you may have titled them) to subform-flowed

that (crudely) will achieve a dropdownlist that can have all the room it likes without hitting anything below it - and the next component will tag along below the temp expanded length while choosing  - and once selection is made - ie it gets short again - the next part will close up the gap automatically

Think thats what your after - thats how i do it with my long dropdowns in any event

if ive misunderstood your needs let me know (i have been known to be a bit thick on occasions and answer the wrong question)