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Displaying form contents in Design View tab.


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I've got the following problem:

I just started using Livecycle Designer ES8.2.

I inherited a program with 140 dynamic forms, coded by somebody no longer around.

I am only able to see the content of a few (30) of the forms in the "Design View" tab, from all the members in the Hierarchy Pallette (140). Is there a filter or a function limiting/excluding the form from been display in the Design View?

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Can you send the form to Livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look.


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It worked! Thank you very much for the prompt response.



It could be that the presence of those objects is hidden (exclude from

layout). Click on simething that you cannot see in the heirarchy view and

then look at the Object palette. Towards the bottom of that palette there

is a presence setting. My guess is that it is set to hidden. If you cahnge

it to visible your objects will appear. This is difficult to tell unless I

am able to open the form myself.