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Hi All,

We are facing a peculiar issue. We want to update the data-managed collection from server side.

As mentioned in adobe documentation we used DataServiceTransaction.updateItem method.

What we realised is its internally LCDS is calling fill() method of assembler rather than getItem()(which would have been ideal as its update of an item not whole collection). Is this correct(i.e. calling of fill() method even if we call updateItem on DataServiceTransaction)

Coming to our main issue, incidentally our code in fill() method uses FlexContext.getFlexClient(). When fill call is invoked from client we do get the FlexContext.getFlexClient(), but when the fill() is called  while doing update from server side(i.e. invoking DataServiceTransaction.updateItem) we get null flex client. Is there a way to get the flex client id in our latter call??

Can someone please provide me a solution.

thanks in advance.


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