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Creating a process which automatically generates Hiperlinks to a blog.


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I would like to create a way to automatically generate hyperlinks to a blog from a pdf.

Example: In "A" pdf we have various articles from a magazine/newspaper, the generator analyze the pdf and creates links from tags linking to a (i. e.) blogspot blog where users may comment the article after reading it from the print/pdf .

I'm quite in difficulty and I really don't know where to start from...

if you have any idea what's so ever please help .

Thanks a lot.

ps. sorry for my english....italian learning schools are horrible!
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Hi Tommaso,

Here's what you should do:

- have a source file that contains your tags (typically an MS Word file)

- process your MS word file using the COM object model: analyze your file content and replace every tag by a hyperlink.

- generate a PDF file from your MS Word file, using a PDF converter that is able to properly handle hyperlinks in Office docs (Adobe PDFGenerator is one of these, but some PDF converters that use a printer driver or use a temporary postcript file do not convert hyperlinks)