Cool Signatures Demo



Techies --

This week I had to produce a live ES2  demo around all things, "Signatures" for a customer visit. You can bowse  the script etc here:  https://zerowing.corp.adobe.com/display/LCAppTeam/Credit+Agricole+Visit+Signatures+Demo

There  is nothing in this demo that we have not done before, but I think it's  worthwhile to have our main themes (final form signatures, review &  approval sinatures, data signatures, roaming PDF/A etc) all gathered in  one place with decent lookiing forms and colalteral.

If  anyone out there wants to set it up on their own system or would like  my help using it for a customer let me know.






The Wiki is up to date with the latest LCA and demo files. It could be cleaned up a lot more but anyone wanting to re-create this demo could see all the main processes and files invoved according to each step. If you do want to try it out, please post a question/comment on the Wiki if yu need help and I will see it and reply.