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Convert XFA Form to AcroForm?


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Greetings (I'm desperately seeking an answer to this, but I'll try to keep the rhetoric toned down!):

Is there a way for LCD (8.05) or AcrobatPro (8.1.2) to convert a (static) XFA Form into the old AcroForm format? I have a large static XFA form (created in LCD), but the Java API that I'm using to pre-populate some values currently works only with the AcroForm format.

FYI, there are two "informal workarounds" to be found on the net, but I can't get either of these to work in LCD or AcrobatPro:

o From Carl Young: "Create PDF -> From Web Page"; select the XFA form instead of a web page; Acrobats web page conversion tool would turn the XML inside the Designer form to a regular PDF. Only works in Acrobat 7.

o From Ted Padova: "Document->Extract Pages" (static XFA only). This option is always grayed-out on any static XFA form I create.

So unless there are other suggestions out there, would you say that my best option for an immediate solution is to track down a copy of AcrobatPro 7 and use that? I've tried creating an AcroForm manually with AcrobatPro's "Tools->Forms->Text Field Tool"/etc, but it's very, very difficult to replicate all the form field config and layout we did in LCD. Having to do that might force us to abandon PDF forms altogether.

Thanks very much for any suggestions!


-Peter Demling

Lexington, MA
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I saw a reply today suggesting that there is something in Acrobat 9 to

help, but I cannot confirm this.

Aandi Inston


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And another reply suggesting there ISN'T anything. Hmmm.

Aandi Inston