Convert autocad to PDF in black and white



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Actual Question:

I am using CreatePDF service to convert autocad drawing to PDF. Is there anyway to make PDF in black and white, instead of color?







I don't think so, but if you can find a PDFMaker option for it then you can probably set the same option in the PDF/G configuration file. You might get more authoritative answers in the PDFGenerator forum (but I don't see a forum for LC ES, just 7.x)




I found there is option "Print color as black" in Print property of Acrobat professional 8. Do you know any liveCycle sevice offers to do the same?




just for your informion: I got answer from Adoabe that current version of PDFG does not offer the capability of converting autoCAD to black and white...




Georgeshm wrote very sharp solution but forgot to write you can do it with Autocad then convert it..

If you have Autocad,

Way1: Open the file as Georgeshm told go layout.. right click, layout settings, change pen assigntment (at the top of right) to monochrome or grayscale...

Way2: Faster and easy open the file with Autocad. give "la" (Layer properties command) open the layers..

Select all click the attached colour box and change all to white. Then save as so don t lose original one..Convert it.. Issue is when you wanna do convert Pdf to Cad.. I couldn t find any safety way to do that. And I gave my Pdf to Autocad  conversion job to company..

I hope you have Autocad and you can use one of method for your file.




I am also having trouble with converting AutoCAD DWG to Adobe PDF.  I have tried several different methods.  I've tried outputing the color PDF to a post script file, however that is still in color.  I've tried using custom Color Plot Styles (monochrome.ctb) and Named Plot Styles (monochrome.stb), but since I did not create the original AutoCAD DWG (it is 10 years old from 2004), they are not the correct plot style files.  I do not have AutoCAD and use ProE/Creo instead.  I've tried importing into my CAD tool, however all the fonts are different.  I've also tried exporting the PDF to a raster format like TIFF but the resolution is really bad for engineering drawings.  If I increase the resolution, then it sometimes will say that the image is too big and in cannot save/export the image.

It seems like this should be really simple to do in Adobe.  I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.  I can go to Tools > Print Production > Preflight > PDF Fixups > Convert to grayscale, which will convert to grayscale, but not to monochrome.  Similarly I can go to Tools > Print Production > Convert Colors and select Conversion Profile to Gray Gamma 2.2, however that still will produce grayscale, but not monochrome. 


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